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Bubble Gum Day: 1

Robinson Crusoe Day: 1 (1708)
National Freedom Day: 1
Women's Heart Health Day: 1 
Groundhog Day: 2 
Hedgehog Day: 2 
Wear Red Day: 2 
Four Chaplains Memorial Day: 3 
Rosa Parks’ Birthday: 4  Timeline
Super Bowl Sunday: 4
Constitution Day (Mexico): 5
Weatherman's Day: 5 
Pay a Compliment Day: 6 
African American Coaches Day: 6 
National Girls and Women in Sports Day: 7 
Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor's Day: 7 
Boy Scouts of America Day: 8
Laugh and Get Rich Day: 8 
Leadership Success Day: 8
National Women and Girls in Sports Day: 8
Toothache Day: 8
Umbrella Day: 10 
White Shirt Day: 11 
Darwin Day: 12 
Lincoln's Birthday: 12
Lost Penny Day: 12 Find a penny, give it away. You’ll have good luck throughout the day!
Safety Pup Day: 12 
World Marriage Day: 11 
Black Love Day: 13 
Employee Legal Awareness Day: 13 
Get a Different Name Day: 13 
Read to your Child Day: 13
Ferris wheel Day: 14 
National Have a Heart Day: 14 
Race Relations Day: 14 
Valentines Day: 14 
Susan B. Anthony Day: 15 
National Gum Drop Day: 15 
National PTA Founders Day: 17 
World Human Spirit Day: 17 
Chocolate Mint Day: 19 
Presidents Day: 19 
International Pancake Day: 20 
Mardi Gas: 20 
Paczki Day: 20  (pronounced poonch-key is a Polish donut)
Ash Wednesday: 21 
International Mother Language Day: 21 
National Sticky Bun Day: 21
George Washington's Birthday: 22 
Single Tasking Day: 21 
Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day: 22 
National Chili Day: 22 
Curling is Cool Day: 23 
Iwo Jima Day: 23 
Wilhelm Grimm’s Birthday :( 1786): 24
Quiet Day Shhhh! 25
Grand Canyon Park established (1919): 26
Spay Day USA: 27 
International Pancake Day: 28 
National Tooth Fairy Day: 28 
Boy Scout Anniversary Week: 4-10   
International Coaching Week: 4-10 
National Consumer Protection Week: 4-10 
National Leadership Week: 4-10 
National School Counseling Week: 5-8 
Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week: 7-14 
Love Makes the World Go Round but, Laughter Keeps Us from Getting Dizzy Week: 8-14 
Freelance Writers Appreciation Week: 11-17 
National Family, Career & Community Leaders of America Week: 11-17 
Jell-O Week: 11-17 
Heart Failure Awareness Week: 11-17 
Random Acts of Kindness Week: 12-18   
Great Backyard Bird Count Week: 16-19 
NBA All-Star Week: 16-18 
National Engineers Week: 18-24 
National Pancake Week: 18-24
National Eating Disorders Awareness Week: 25- 3 
American Heart Month 
Bake for Family Fun Month 
February is Fabulous Florida Strawberry Month 
International Boost Self Esteem Month 
International Expect Success Month 
Learn Italian Month

National Black History Month

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